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CSN-2018-19-Playground contacts

Page history last edited by Joe Kmoch 5 years ago

Contacts: (updated 5/29/2019:11:45pm CT)


We will have a double playground area available to us (A and B opposite registration)

  • possible loaner hardware could include iPads, PC and Mac laptops
  • a 24" monitor at each of the 12 - 4'x4' tables
  • 4 demo stations with seating (each with 46" LCD monitor with stand and speakers);
    • each demo area might include Apple TV hardware and Airplay/Air Mirroring service


Floor Plan coming...


Interdisciplinary Physical Computing #7 (demo)

Rashmi Pimprikar Vartak <rpimprikar.vartak@gmail.com> (Karen)

Lesley University

Interdisciplinary Physical Computing - CS+STEM Learning team
Funecole Curriculum #15 (demo) Chryso Christodoulou <chryso@digipro.com.cy> (Heidi) CS and CT Curriculum for K-5 that addresses both content and dispositions; Cambridge best practice curriculum that incorporates computer science, ISTE student standards certified, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) - Going for Casel alignment
Robolink Co-drones (tbl 8)

Wes Hsu <wes@robolink.com> James Arleth <jarleth@philasd.org> Franklin Learning Center - Computer Science teacher; Joe Fusco <jfusco@philasd.org> Franklin Learning Center - Science Teacher - Wes, James and Joe will be at exhibit

 Carl Poblete <carl@robolink.com>


Programming drones; have significant STEM projects and will engage Philadelphia area students in their exhibit
Calypso and Cozmo - Rule Based Programming #9 Charlotte Dungan <charlotte.dungan@ncssm.edu> NC School of Math & Science; David Touretzky, <dst@cs.cmu.edu>  Carnegie Mellon CS professor and leader of <http://ai4k12.org> movement. 

I will be doing a hands-on demonstration of Calypso for Cozmo, a robot programming framework that gives K-12 students direct experience with real artificial intelligence algorithms including computer vision, face recognition, and speech generation. 2 adults, Charlotte Dungan as presenter, Dave Touretzky as technical support


Calypso for Cozmo software framework.  See the
video here:  https://Calypso.software.  While Touretzky is technically a "vendor", he's also an educator, as he has personally taught Calypso to kids, and is also doing Calypso PD for K-12teachers.

Calypso is being used by over 600 kids this year in grades 3-8, although it could also be used in higher grades.  It offers kids hands-on experience with real AI, including speech recognition and computer

  FLL Team Luke Bilger,<lbilger@philasd.org> senior project manager in the Philadelphia SD Office of Education Technology. Contacted most recently 5/13/2019. resp 5/14/2019 - he'll try for a FLL team In the Philadelphia School District, 129 schools have a digital literacy and technology teacher for grades K-8. Students can learn to program a spherical robot called Sphero through a Bluetooth-connected iPad, then use it, for example, to power a model boat or test a model bridge. They have programmed an Ozobot robot to follow a paper map of the Underground Railroad, with colored markers, not a screen. Poassibly FLL team?
Coding with Unity Game Engine & Unplugged CS #10 Omar Ali,  <ohali@philasd.org> Teacher, Northeast High School. CS Unplugged for Sorting and Unity Game Engine for Coding. I expect 5 participants. Lead by Mr. Omar Ali and student Joel Martinez.

Scottie Go!and Scratch Coding Cards


Julie  Schonhar <julia_schonhar@roundrockisd.org>, Teravista Elem TX and Sharon Stroh-Cook, Tech Terra Education

I'll be sharing coding through hands-on activities. We'll work with Scratch Coding Cards including free resources from Scratch.mit.edu and the Scottie Go! EDU coding language board game.My 17 year old nephew rising high school senior Ethan Stroh.


A teacher who uses this in her classroom plus videos of students using ScottieGo. The game uses coding and AR, by scanning the playing pieces, to take players through challenges. 

BlocksCAD3D #12 Jonah Boucher and Solomon Menashi <sol@blockscad3d.com> We will be sharing BlocksCAD, a web-based CAD platform for teaching computational thinking, coding, and math primarily for students in grades 3-8. One teacher and 2-3 students. 
NCWIT (tbl 2 & 3) TJ Alladin <tj.alladin@ncwit.org> (Jannie Fernandez) The AiC High School award, AspireIT programs for middle school and the NCWIT Community (with an interactive activity that promotes the importance of girls in tech) (possibly a social event - Aspire-IT and resources tabes?)
CMU CS Academy #3 Erin Cawley <ecawley@andrew.cmu.edu> and Mark Stehlik <mjs@cs.cmu.edu> We'd like the opportunity to have a handful of our partner teachers and possibly a few of their students showcase student authored work on academy.cs.cmu.edu 3-4 Teacher and possibly 2-3 students. Jill Shumaker, Wend Lint, Dawn McCullough, Keith Golebie 
Logo programming #4 Laurie Green <lgreen@mrsgeeky.com> aka Mrs. Geeky I would like to demonstrate Logo, the programming language developed by Seymour Papert and show how it can be used with even the youngest of children to teach text based programming in an engaging and meaningful way. 3-4 Bill Glass, Luis Noriega, other names to follow 
USFIRST #17 (til 7 and 7A) Rob Ervin <cherman@aimpa.org> AIM Academy Robotics Demo with FRC and FTC robots. Visitors to the playground can watch demos and also learn how to drive the machines as well. Visitors of all ages would be welcome to the playground.  3 adults (Rob Ervin, Rick Castorani, Chris Herman) along with 7-10 students (names tbd)
Code.org CS Fundamentals #16 (demo) Harvey Scribner <scribner@pd.code.org> Code.Org CS Fundamentals Curriculum / Deep Dive Training
CougarTek Esports #14 Harvey Scribner <hscribner.edtech@gmail.com> Presentation on WHY educators should start an ESports Team at their school!  1-2 Adults, 3-4 Students
Unruly Splats (tbl 5) Emily Wilson <emily@unruly-studios.com> Education Director - awaiting form entry

"we do have a few teachers attending ISTE with us this year. We would love to join if possible." needs 10x10 space minimum

ISTE Authors (tbl 1)

Valerie Witte <vwitte@iste.org>

Heidi Williams <heidi.williams@marquette.edu>

Josh Caldwell <josh@code.org>

Michelle Zimmerman <m.zimmerman@rentonprep.org>

Heidi will organize and include Josh Caldwell and Michelle Zimmerman and their books
MERGECube and CoSpaces  (tbl 10) Kristie Zientek <mszentech@gmail.com> suggested substitution by Camilla - was Steve Patti <steve.patti@mergevr.com> Marketing and Strategic Partnerships (who is very pushy); originally talked with founder and CEO of mergevr.com at FETC 2019.  Also with Stephanie Lyons <stephanie.lyons@mergevr.com>
find out more about involvement of their MergeCube and other items with computer science and computational thinking a well as using VR/AR
Hands On Coding #11
Marcos Navas <mrnavasuc@gmail.com> emailed again on 5/15/2019

suggested by Kimberly Lane
MicroBits #1 Hal Speed <hal@cs4tx.org> emailed 5/15/2019 demo of microbes preferably with kids or teachers 
U of Penn #13 Yasmin Kafai <kafai@gse.upenn.edu> emailed 5/21/2019 on suggestion from Diana Franklin eTextiles demo
  CSTA-Philly <suzannejspeirs@gmail.com>Tammy Pierman <tpirmann@gmail.com> sent Speirs an email 5/15/2019  Information table?
MAD-Learn Mobile App Dev #5

Alefiya Bhatia <alefiyabhatia@crescerance.com>

interested; will fill out form when she gets confirmation on Philadelphia-area teachers (as of 5/27/2019)


demo of website creation software and yearlong competition

VidCode #6 Leandra Tejedor <leandra@vidcode.com> emailed 5/17/2019 Vidcode demo

CSFirst (Google)


Philadelphia Academy of Science; Chris Lehman?Karen contacting? demo with kids
x Bootstrap Data Science #8 (demo)

Eric Allatta (NYC CS teacher) <eallatta@afsenyc.org> 

Emmanuel Schanzer <schanzer@bootstrapworld.org>

New curriculum demo which fits data science, statistics, analytics into many different courses; bringing three (female students color) with him
x Wonderlink (tbl 10) anna@robowunderkind.com  We will be having visitors come by to do some simple programming challenges with drones and robots. We will be sharing the CoDrone drone kit and Zumi self-driving car kit.
  Contacts From previous years Playgrounds:  
  TechTerra Educatipon

Susan Wells<susan@techterraeducation.com> emailed 5/27/2019 emphasizing need to engage teachers and students in the exhibit; Julie schonauer and Scottie Go will be at a able instead

Neuron, Cubroid and Tionkamo devices for physical programming
  U of Chicago Diana Franklin <dmfranklin@uchicago.edu>  sugg substitution of Yasmin and textiles Computational Thinking and Computer Science activities for K-5
  VEX wil be contacting Philadelphia area rep
looking for a school to have a VEX robot demo


Philadelphia area regional rep

looking for this kind of involvement

1 FRC teams (1 6' table) see Rob Ervin entry

1 FTC team (1 6' table) see Rob Ervin entry


1 FLL team (2-6' tables to put the competition field on)

2 FLL Jr teams (1-4'x4' table)


B&GCA: My Future

Abigayle Fidler <afidler@BGCA.ORG>

Clubs in the Denver area that are using MyFuture will demo to visitors

Ms. Fidler from Atlanta HQ will be there to speak and coordinate

Assigning a demo area plus a 6' table

-->Bringing PC and some tablets - could use an iPad if possible


Bee- Blue- and Pro-Bots

Bill Glass <bill@terrapinlogo.com>

--- se needs to engage a teacher and / or students in his exhibit

---is he involved with Laurie Green entry

Confirmed via Karen

Demo with the robots listed in the first column

Eileen Hillebrand <eileen@bee-bot.us> will coordinate

4'x4' table with LCD panel

--> PC not needed but iPad would be useful


Drone Blocks

Preston Ward <pw@unmannedairlines.com>

---if contacted, se needs to engage a teacher and / or students in his exhibit

needs a 4'x4' table

will demonstrate their programming environment for Drones

Marisa Vickery <marisavic10@gmail.com> from Texas


Code.org K-5 materials

Megan Cicconi <cicconi@pd.code.org> or Harvey from Philadelphia area?

Confirmed via Karen in December, 2016

Megan is coordinating and bringing her kids

Demo area for Megan including Elevator Pitch

4'x4' table for binary bracelets

6' table for twitter challenge with prizes

floor space for map

Others include Shaina Glass (Houston), Leslie Praile Keehn (Iowa), Cindy Herren (Iowa), Angie Kaithoff (MN), James??, Gary Greenberg (Ohio), Harvey Scribneer (Philadelphia), Kim Lane (Dallas)

-->needs a PC laptop + 3 iPads


Security Programs

Cliff Zintgrass (?)


Agent Sheets and Agent Cubes

Alexander Repenning <alexander.repenning@Colorado.EDU>

Yakso Endo <Yasko.Endo@Colorado.EDU> - see if they have a school in the Philadelphia area

Agent Cubes student demo using demo area

Agent Sheets interfaced with MakeyMakey kits on laptops

need two 4'x4' tables for AgentSheets plus one 6' rectangular table;

other adults including Terri Marie Reh <treh@flagstaffacademy.org>

-->providing all own computers; at least one iPad would be useful



Other possibilities


For the future other possibilities include 

  • Sheena and Vicky - K-8 Twitter chats - part of playground?
  • Girls Who Code chapters
  • Black Girls Code
  • Penlee Python
  • MakeScript
  • Microsoft TechSpark (IT Academy)
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts 
  • 4-H (Tara Wheeler; 4-H STEM programs with students demonstrating)
  • LOGO Foundation (Michael Tempel <michaelt@media.mit.edu> not coming to ISTE 2017)
  • Galvanize Labs (Moira Hardek <moira@galvanizelabs.com; Taken Charge video technology game)
  • Modular Robotics; Cubelets and Moss
  • Stencil (software)
  • Bobtail (Steve Goodgame; robotics competition and programming at elementary and middle school)


Finch and Hummingbird

Tom Lauwers; 


---if contacted, se needs to engage a teacher and / or students in his exhibit 

Finch robots and Hummingbird kits (table); has two Denver area schools who use them; trying to deal work this out

Suggested Hummingbird demo based on recent mentions elsewhere

most recent email to Tom is 6/11/2016; from him is 5/17/2016





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