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CSN Playground - 2015 Philadelphia Contacts (redirected from CSN Playground - 2015 Philadelphia)

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ISTE-CSN - CTN-2015-Playground-contacts

Contacts: (updated 6/13/2015:2:30pm CDT)
* = confirmed

As of May 14:
All playgrounds come equipped with:(2) demo stations with seating (each with 46" LCD monitor with stand and speakers); 1 station includes Apple TV hardware and Airplay/Air Mirroring service), (6) 4'x4' learning stations (each with 24" monitor and power).
Also as of June 5, each demo area will have an
Apple TV at each of the two demo stations.
As of June 10,
The table by the demo stations is very small and really can only hold a laptop and the sound equipment. There is one tall chair at the table for the presenter to use during their presentation.

Donald H Bowers; dhb12546@aol.com
provided by USFIRST Marketing
Regional Director James Carr - jcarr@midatlanticrobotics.com
Regional Director Gene O'Brien - grob.group@rcn.com
Senior Mentor Benjamin Martin - bmartin@usfirst.org

from Philadelphia ISTE 2011:
Landale Catholic HS
pafwi@aol.com (had a team)
Nathan Knauss:
(was nknauss@usfirst.org)
Ben Martin

maybe for FTC:
wall_family@verizon.net (not contacted yet)
asked about FRC, FTC, FLL and FLLjr teams; asked the group new email on 4/20/2015; emailed to three involved with ISTE 2011)
emailed Nathan Knauss 5/11/2015 for help in contacting USFIRST teams in the Philadelphia area - no response as of 5/17/2015
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
Peter Randall
will bring a robot some kids and a teacher (as if 4/27/2015); could offer FLL and FLL jr teams, too
emailed 5/17/2015 about the possibility of bringing a FLL and FLLjr team; also asked if he knows of a FTC and VEX teams
6/10/2015: emailed Randall, Zawislak and Ueda to ascertain teams, tables needed and names of adults and students
Penn FTC ftc@pennfirst.org
Tom Zawislak
2 teams promised; emailed May 21 and May 28 on logistics
Dan Ueda danueda@seas.upenn.edu
one team and playing field for sure - needs one 6' table for the playing field, one 6' table for setup; might be able to help with another FRC team if needed (5/28/2015)
215-746-8126 or (cell) 646-436-5959
Jim Crane and Christopher Melendez; jim_crane@roboticseducation.org
VEX competition teams (IQ Challenge and Robotics) sent another email on 4/20/2015 and 4/27/2015
*Finch and Hummingbird
Tom Lauwers; tlauers@birdbraintechnologies.com
Finch robots and Hummingbird kits (table); looking for schools in the Philadelphia area who use them;
emailed 5/17/2015 about need for PC and/or Mac plus possibly getting some students to help with the demo
My Future
Libby Lescalleet
Danielle Johnson DJohnson@BGCA.ORG and David Crusoe
Clubs in the Philadelphia area that are using your MyFuture and could demo it to visitors; will get back to me by about May 8 (table?)
emailed 5/11/2015 a followup
Eddie Locklear, Tara Wheeler
Philadelphia area: Deborah Dietrich dad7@psu.edu (emailed 4/27/15)
4-H STEM programs with students demonstrating
emailed 5/17/2015 as a followup
*LOGO Foundation
Michael Tempel (emailed 4/27/15)
demonstration table
emailed 5/17/2015 about need of PC/Mac
*Code.org K-5 materials
Harvey Scribner scribner@pd.code.org
Code.org K-5 materials (demo area) online and unplugged demos with students - not sure if any, 1 or 2 laptops are needed nor the kind (as of 4/29/2015); emailed 5/17/2015 on PC/Mac laptops needed plus possibility of extra adjacent table;
6/10/2015: emailed Harvey asking about the students to demo online materials and if they need a table; also requested names of adults and students for badging
6/11/2015: will have a kids doing a pair programming with the LCD panel and he will do unplugged activities; asked about someone from code.org contacting him about signs and brochures
Rachael and Hannah Tipperman
NCWIT winners and Aspire Students
Outreach (demo); in discussion with students in late April, 2015
referenced from:
Jennifer Manning
emailed 5/17/2015 about need for 1 or more laptops and planning for their demo
6/10/2015: spoke with Jane Krauss - she will talk with the girls about talking points and bring Talking Points card and Aspirations Award announcement card for 2015-2016; also emailed Jane with diagram and need for extra table (?) plus their email addresses
6/13/2015: asked if they could use a table for the equipment they use with outreach + Stencil
contacted Ruthe Farmer for a contact there

Steve Goodgame
one or two student teams and 4x4 table works (4/27/2015); could use a second table, one for ms and one for elem
emailed 5/17/2015 about need for one or more laptops plus possibility getting a second table
6/10/2015: emailed Steve about need for an additional tables, whether he'll have two teams and needing names
*Student Showcase
Dina Rosen
waited for a response on 4/21/2015; emailed 4/27/2015 for more information having heard nothing
emailed 5/17/2015 about attending and if so, need for a laptop or two (initiated by
Camilla cgagliolo@iste.org
*Galvanize Labs
Moira Hardek
Taken Charge video technology game - table and two PCs; can we get an easel?
Girl Scouts

Tammy Pirman

*MAD-Learn Mobile App Dev
Alefiya Bhatia
initiated with
Josh Gertz
Alefiya Bhatia was contact at 2014 Playground

Modular Nrobotics

Cubelets and Moss
BeeBots and ProBots
Terrapin; Bill Glass


*MakeWonder (Play-I Robots)
June Lin june@makewonder.com
Meet Dash & Dat - elementary school robots (new names for last year's Bo and Yana) - needs table with lcd screen and space near the table on the floor

table #1
Finch Robots
1 PC as backup
table #2
Taken Charge (Galvanize software)
2 PCs
table #3
BotBall - need extra lg table nearby
1 Mac
table #4
Logo Foundation
1 Mac
table #5
MAD-Learn mobile app dev

table #6
Make Wonder - Dash & Dot

demo area 7
Code.org / K-5
plugged and unplugged activities
demo area 8
Aspirations (outreach equip. & Stencyl)
no (bringing 1)
table next to FRC teams
Student Showcase (D. Rosen)

FRC #1 (10'x10')
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
One 6' table for both
FRC #2 (10'x10')
Tom Zawislak (pennfirst.org)

FTC #1 & 2 (12x12')
Tom Zawislak
Bringing competition field;
need one table for both teams
FLL (4'x8')
Dan Ueda and Paul Randall from Springside
two six-foot tables, one for playing field

See the diagram updated as of 6/13/2015:2:30pm CDT
See the volunteer list as of 6/26/2015:8:00pm CDT


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